Mohammed al-Qahtani abused in prison

Dr. Mohammed al-Qahtani, an imprisoned Saudi human rights activist and scholar and the focus case of Group 39, is subject to numerous forms of abuse in prison. He (and other prisoners of conscience) has been put in a mental-health ward within the prison, which is notorious for being overcrowded and not providing adequate care for the mentally ill inmates. Dr. Mohammed al-Qahtani was assaulted by one of these prisoners, which emphasizes that conditions in this ward are not safe and don’t meet international standards. See here for more info on these developments.

We call on the Saudi authorities to release Dr. Mohammad al-Qahtani from prison, and pending his release, to ensure that he is not kept in the mental health wing and receives adequate medical care. Furthermore, prisoners with mental health issues need to be provided with appropriate hospital placement. [Click here for letter template]